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Beginning Band (6th and 7th Grades):

The Jennings Beginning Band is the first level of the band program.  In this class, students will have the opportunity to choose and learn a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument, and learn that instrument in a group setting.  The Beginning Band also affords multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, which helps students shed stage fright and become more confident young people.

The specific aim of the band program is to enable students to communicate effectively through instrumental music and to understand and value a variety of musical and cultural expressions through life.

Junior High Advanced Band (8th Grade):

The Jennings Junior High Advanced Band represents the second level of participation in the district band program.  Advanced Band is a course designed to strengthen the ideas learned in the student musician's previous year(s) in band.  Students will continue to examine progressively more complex aspects of music literacy and music notation, with emphasis on performing with musical artistry and expression as members of an ensemble.  Throughout the year, students will develop and use critical thinking skills to examine and describe musical pieces.  Students will also apply the information discussed in class to the ensemble's musical performances.  Along with these aspects, this course will prepare students for the high school band.

The Advanced Band students are able to participate with the high school band members in the Homecoming Parade, and as a "member" of the High School Band on Eight Grade Day, where they get to participate in game day festivities and pep band fun.  In addition, there are many other performance opportunities available throughout the year, such as the Jennings Fine Arts Festival.

High School Band:

The Jennings High School Band is the third and highest level of the district's band program.  This course is designed to further strengthen the student musician's grasp of musical concepts like:  tone production, musical interpretation, articulation, phrasing, artistry/emotion, and expression.  Together, the class will develop ensemble blend, tone, and interpretation through the playing of different genres of musical literature.

The high school band program affords multiple performance opportunities in the form of Pep Band for the football games, Parade Band for the Homecoming and Veterans Day Parades, drum line    competitions, and formal concert programs such as the Jennings Fine Arts Festival.


Tabitha Boyd Brian Weaver Tahj Welch
Miekel McPherson Richard Logan Michael Harris
Antawan Ross Tahj Welch

Marcel Hudson

Jamyia Morgan Tyreesa Cannon Kanisha Guido
Charles Manning Javon Freeman Tyler Richardson
Orlando Rideout Kaitlynn Lee